Why Do You Need An AdWords Management Agency?

Time is money. So why waste time?By hiring an AdWords Management Agency to create and perform your company’s Google search ads, you are already doing better than your competitors.

Google search ads require a great deal of front end work to determine audience, keywords, and competitors. And they also require attention each day to ensure positive performance and observe audience response to different ads.

Creating the perfect Google search ads takes time and testing (aka patience), both of which many small business owners aren’t willing to devote to marketing, so outsource it to a credible AdWords Management Agency.

Unique features of our AdWords strategy

Cross Platform Ad Management

Whether you would want to advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook or Instagram, we got you covered with an optimized multi-channel ad management strategy.

Our cross-platform Ad management strategy measures success as per your KPIs. We capture all relevant leading indicators from clicks, leads, calls, and sales from AdWords, Facebook, and Bing, Instagram, YouTube etc. across single interface for ease of optimization and enhancements on cross channeled Ads.

Real-Time Performance Tracker

Transparent real-time performance dashboard for insights on Key Performance Indicators of the running Ad campaigns.

With a transparent Ad engagement and build out strategy, we share the key metrics that we track internally for optimized Ad performance. The same is built on a cloud service for you to get real-time insights on Ad performance and its trending metrics on costs, clicks and conversion over time across your targeted product/service and customer segments.

Real-Time A/B Testing

Perform LIVE A/B testing for types of Ads for maximized impact with limited impact on budgets.

No amount of design, Ad and performance planning for Ad campaigns can trump real-time customer usage feedback. With an ability to run parallel A/B tests on your Ad and Remarketing campaigns – we give you a direct line of sight on which products/services, design themes, ad types are resonating with your customer base across different demographics.

Integrated Re-Marketing Campaigns

Whether you would want to target net new users or re-market previous users, our Ad experts will set the campaign with the right mix for the same.

We design all our Ads campaigns uniquely integrated with Remarketing campaigns. The same is designed to display ads to potential customers who visited your site or used your mobile app. It’s been an effective technique that allows us to stay connected to your target audience while also building brand awareness.

Real-Time Ad Insights

Real-time Ad Insights are setup with alerts and anomaly detection, n-gram analysis, quality score assessments and so on. Our Ad experts do the hard work with real-time tuning of Ads.

Once we’ve built and optimized, is it working as per your KPIs? Our LIVE Performance Dashboard built on the cloud shows you key metrics from all of your Ads, highlighting the campaigns headed in the right direction and the ones that require attention. We also give clear, directional way to uncover new insights and share performance with key stakeholders across your organization.

24×7 Support

Need help, we are a phone call away 24×7 available for high priority support requests.

Anytime, anywhere access to a three-tier phone/email support model. For all Priority 1 tickets, we will work with you over phone non-stop till the issue is remediated or solved to your satisfaction. Priority 2 tickets are usually picked up within 4 hours and all Priority 3 tickets are responded usually by next business day.