Social Media Optimization Services

Nearly everyone has a social media presence today, including both individuals and businesses. With help from our comprehensive social media optimization services, we can create a social media presence that engages consumers and boosts your bottom line. Our world-class SMO services cover every aspect of social media marketing strategy development and execution, from social media analysis to social media content production.

Unique features of our Social Media Optimization and Marketing

Active Social Listening

Actively listen and respond to what people are talking and reacting to about your brand to gather valuable insights on your branding and reputation.

A heat map analysis of entire chatter online is available at your disposal. This gives you real-time indicative feedback on which product/service offerings are most popular or need attention.

Social Brand Management

Set up buying journeys within the social platform for maximized impact on conversions.

Each social channel can easily be set up for an optimized engagement and conversion path. Whether we tie it back to the website or natively make buying/interacting from the social feeds, the buying/interaction intent will be captured and logically closed for the user.

Ad Management

Effective and optimized ad spend for capturing relevant audiences for your product/service.

Having an organic + inorganic ad boost and engagement strategy will result in increased conversion and relevant site traffic for your product/service. Our Ad Specialist will reduce wasted spend and target ad performance KPI’s for immediate impact.

Content Engagement Strategy

Each buyer persona’s unique content themes are used to build periodic content for maximized engagement and user stickiness.

Our Digital Strategist will do deep content analysis giving you recommendations on what kind of content resonates with your preferred customer segment. We then use the same to publish content that will have increased chances of engagement and conversion impact.

Social Command Center

Actively know the happiness quotient of your customers with the entire chatter on your social platforms.

We will give you a central social command management center – where you can listen, react and respond to appropriate social chatter as per your business branding guidelines. Having direct engagement rhythm with your customers will increase your brand relevance for your preferred customer segment.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time user behavior dashboards integrated with IBM Watson and Google Analytics for optimizing your social platform content and lead capturing paths periodically.

With end-to-end real-time insights on our LIVE dashboard, you get all-in-one actionable analytics with the only system on planet Earth that combines – video tracking, click map analysis, content engagement analytics, user flow and behavior tracking – to give you recommendations on site, content and user engagement rhythm.

24×7 Support

Need help, we are a phone call away 24×7 available for high priority support requests.

Anytime, anywhere access to a three-tier phone/email support model. For all Priority 1 tickets, we will work with you over phone non-stop till the issue is remediated or solved to your satisfaction. Priority 2 tickets are usually picked up within 4 hours and all Priority 3 tickets are responded usually by next business day.